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From the Dregs is a single player, fantasy themed, tactical role-playing game that emphasizes player strategy, careful planning, and exploration. Players will be able to create a unique character and delve through various dungeons, caverns, and other hostile environments to gather loot, battle enemies, and enhance their character’s abilities to fit their own play style.

Beta-Release Trailer

Current Beta Features (v0.5)

  • Character customization, no class restrictions
  • Flexible character progression, no equipment restrictions
  • Turn-based  grid combat
  • 6 different weapons
  • 4 re-playable levels, each randomly generated
  • 10 different enemy types, each with their own attack patterns
  • And a deadly boss enemy awaits...

Choose one of three starting classes and customize your hero!


Defeat enemies with tactics-style combat!

Explore and discover hidden treasure!


Trade your loot for new weapons, armor, and attribute points!

Level up and strengthen your hero!

Destroy your foes with deadly spells!

Keep up to date with the latest changes via the patch notes on the official website.


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